Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Barbie Collector Citrus Obsession Barbie Doll

Tart. Flavorful. Exciting. Citrus delivers a freshness that enlivens the senses and the spirit. The clear aroma and flavor inspires and invigorates. Scented with the crisp fragrance of citrus, Barbie? doll celebrates this enduring and delightful flavor wearing a bright yellow charmeuse mermaid gown with lime chiffon wedges sewn into the flared skirt and adorned with bright lime bands that end in bows under the bust and at the hip. Comes with a tart lime green chiffon stole and golden rectangle earrings. An ideal tribute to this delightful flavor!
This is definitely one of the nicest Barbie dolls I have. The dress is lovely, along with the shawl, and the face is beautiful and lifelike. The scent isn't too strong, so no worries there. A great purchase for any Barbie fan!

Barbie Collector Pink Ribbon Barbie Doll

For more than 20 years, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has been leading the fight against breast cancer and now Barbie doll contributes to the cause. Wearing a pink gown with a signature pink ribbon pinned to her shoulder, Pink Ribbon Barbie doll is both a tool to help those affected with breast cancer talk to girls, and a way to support the cause.
This is as lovely a Barbie doll as any I've seen. The fact that some of the proceeds go to support breast cancer research is a bonus and a very lovely one at that, helping to protect the health of future women-to-be. If you or your daughter love pink, this is the Barbie for you!

Barbie Collector Golden Angel Barbie Doll

esigner Katiana Jimenez creates Golden Angel Barbie doll, a heavenly vision in a grown of green chiffon, peach charmeuse, and white on white novelty silk chiffon. Attached golden metallic chiffon wings are dramatic and lovely. Blue and pink taffeta ribbons, fluffy white feathers and a fantasy bouquet complete the wondrous ensemble.
he other reviewer is correct in her assessment. This is an attractive doll. Her hair is great. She's very angely if I may make up an adjective. She is beautifully packaged I collect Barbies so I have not taken her from the packaging, but I have peaked at her feet. I wanted to see what they put on her feet. I was hoping she'd have on slippers or sandals. The doll is actually barefoot, which is fine, but she does not have any toes (no lines to mark toes) from what I can see. This is my first collectible without shoes, so I don't know if that's common or not. I've given her a 4 because of the lack of shoes and in my collection she falls in the middle. She's great for a pink label though.

Barbie as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings

Inspired by the first film in the mythic trilogy, Barbie as Galadriel in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" wears an exquisite stretch mesh gown. Decorations include a "shell" medallion and glittery satin ribbon belt. The shoes and crown complete the beautiful costume, and her long, flowing hair covers her pointed elven ears.

I just got mine (and sent them out as presents at this price!). The doll is stunning. I really loved the pair put out last year from Return of the King, but the addition of Galadriel and Legolas really complete the set. She is stunning, almost shimmers with her Faery quality. The stretch mess gown really seems light as if made of Elven material. Frankly, the picture of Amazon is displaying falls way short of showing how beautiful this doll is. Galadriel is just beautiful, so I would advise grabbing this one up while supplies last. Will make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift.

Ken and Barbie Doll As Camelot's King & Queen, Arthur and Guinevere

Ispired by the romance and passion of Camelot, Ken and Barbie dolls are featured as a couple that legends are made of - King Arthur and Guinevere. Barbie as Guinevere is spellbinding in her full-length slate-blue medieval-style gown featuring long, flowing sleeves and crimson and metallic golden accents. A headpiece of delicate burgundy and golden netting with faux pearls adorns her cascading strawberry blonde hair. Dressed as King Arthur, Ken is clad in a crimson cape and matching velvet tunic with an embroidered lion's crest. A suit of golden "armor" -- including gauntlets and greaves -- and a realistic "sword" on his "leather" belt offer an authentic glimpse of the medieval warrior.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barbie Legends of Ireland

Collection The Spellbound Lover.

I just received this lovely doll as a gift, and though I agree with a previous reviewer that Mattel could have used a nicer fabric for her dress, I have no complaints about her. Her hair is almost a strawberry blonde color, and her eyes are hazel instead of green or blue. For the price I think she's a gorgeous doll, and it's actually a shame to keep her in a box!

Barbie Aine Collector Doll

Legends of Ireland Silver Label See larger image Share your own customer images Barbie Aine Collector Doll

Introducing Barbie Collector Doll Silver lable Aine. Known as the Faery Queen of Munster, Áine is the goddess of love. Áine Barbie doll captures the essence of the fabled goddess, wearing a flowing green gown with golden detailing. Reddish blond hair cascades around the doll's exquisitely painted face. Her romantically ethereal look is accented by a golden crown and earrings.

Barbie Legends of Ireland Limited Edition the Bard

I LOVE my Limited Edition the Bard! Her features are perfect, and her outfit gives the appropriate feel for the Legends of Ireland. Cool new Doll by Mattel with a beautiful dress and design !! A new beginnning to a new series !! You will love the doll and the design and new series Pick one up at Toys r Us where this is the only place to get exclusives !!!

The Phantom of the Opera Barbie & Ken

Who better to portray the romance and drama of The Phantom of the Opera than Barbie and Ken dolls! The first dolls in an exciting new collection created exclusively for FAO Schwarz, Barbie and Ken dolls wear fashions that capture the essence and details of these dramatic costumes. Barbie doll as Christine wears a romantic white-on-white print bridal gown lavishly trimmed in lace. A sheer veil adorns her long, auburn hair. As The Phantom of the Opera, Ken doll is very dramatic in black evening clothes, opera cape and white half-mask. Beautiful dolls, Barbie as Christine and Ken as the Phantom...FAO & Mattel outdid themselves on these dolls. HArd to find and long out of production...Great for you Barbie collection or as a gift for the very special someone!!

Barbie Collector - Cher Ringmaster Bob Mackie

Platinum Label 2007 Mattel

Masterfully detailed and designed by Bob Mackie, this Barbie Collector Platinum Label Cher Reunion doll from Mattel is unbelievably beautiful in this original, iconic Cher ensemble from her 1990s "Believe" album. This masterfully detailed Collector doll features true to life authentic face sculpting and sleek platinum blonde hair. This item is a Toys R Us Exclusive

True, Cher Ringmaster is probably worth the price and more. I have the three Cher dolls (plus the Sonny doll and the "growing hair" Cher doll, just to name a few), and would of loved to add this one to my collection, but the price stopped me cold. Too bad they couldn't of made it a little more affordable for all her fans.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Barbie iDesign Ultimate Stylist Cards and CD-ROM

Create unique fashion looks for different “fashion models” (Barbie, Teresa, Nikki, Summer and Raquelle) by mixing and matching the different fashions that have been swiped and added to the “closet”

Girls can create beautiful hair styles and mix their very own yummy candy flavored lip gloss with the Candy Glam Style Station. Girls can make lip gloss using the easy-to-use lip gloss mixer, four different flavored and scented lip glosses (strawberry, blueberry, grape, vanilla) and loose glitter. Girls can then choose their favorite colors to blend and add sparkle from the glitter wand. By simply attaching any of the three sweet treat containers to the mixer, girls spin to create their very own creations. The containers can be used to store the lip gloss or serve as storage for jewelry or accessories. Girls can also style the beautiful candy-scented styling head using the hard candy hairclip and the pretty hairbrush included.

Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper

Serafina, the pampered snowy-white companion of Princess Anneliese, certainly does not lack self-esteem. This chatty kitty burbles over with more than 75 one-liners, including, I am quite the talented kitty, and I love looking pretty. Squeeze her paw, stroke her back, kiss her nose, and Serafina responds with words, songs, purrs, head tosses, tail wags, and, of course, meows. Additionally, when her human friends set up Serafina's jewelry box next to a CD player and insert Serafina's Adventure (included), signals from the CD and jewelry box cause Serafina to do her feline thing! She'll also respond to the Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper and other Serafina DVDs and videos. Measuring a good 22 inches from pink-tipped ears to long fluffy tail, Serafina has blue eyes, a gem-studded crown, and a matching heart-shaped locket, as well as a brush to keep that lush pelt sleek and smooth.

As the loyal companion of Princess Annaliese, Serafina has a lot to say. With animated cat-like movements and more than two minutes of speech, this fluffy friend takes interacting to new heights. Using watermark technology, the plush kitty "intelligently" responds to key moments in the movie when it's being played on the television. Serafina even "sings along" to parts of the 10-minute audio CD that comes packaged with her.

Barbie Mermaidia Pretend Make Up Set

Backpack features a cute water patch in shape of waves with Elina as Mermaid, containing a value-pack of play make-up.

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Nori Doll

In the new "Fairytopia" DVD movie, Elina, the beautiful fairy from Fairytopia takes a journey to Mermaidia to save their prince and ward of the evil Laverna. Along the way, she gets help from several new friends, including this blue mermaid, Nori.

With just a little cold water, the mermaid's secrets are revealed. Watch as her hair, torso and arms change color. Applicator included. Colors and decorations may differ from those shown. Dolls cannot stand or swim alone. Measures approximately 12" tall.

Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia

I adore this movie , im in love with mermaids and watching this just makes me so happy , the colors the pretty tails all the cute sea creatures featured in the movie are really...
I bought this for my grand-daughter and we watched it together. She loved it (4years old) and it was enjoyable for me as well. Fun times for a grandmother and grand-daughter!