Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elvis and Priscilla Barbie Doll

ELVIS AND PRISCILLA BARBIE® DOLL AND ELVIS DOLL GIFTSET PINK LABELTM COLLECTION Fans forever are set to treasure the 1967 wedding of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu. Elvis wears a paisley jacquard suit with boutonniere and signature boots, and Priscilla glows in her gown of white chiffon and satin, with tiara and veil.

Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie Doll

A limited production Collector doll. Stellar style. Exotic beauty. This noteworthy Barbie doll is created by Kimora Lee Simmons, the famed fashion and beauty icon, designer, celebrity, author, philanthropist and former runway model. Wearing a pink halter with Kimora's KLS logo buckle belt, mini skirt and over-the-knee boots. A full-length faux chinchilla coat with KLS logo leopard-print lining. Signature bag, earrings, and a re-creation of Kimora's own adorable dog, Zoe, by her side for the fabulous ride!

Marilyn - How to Marry a Millionaire Collector Doll

This second edition of Marilyn Monroe is awesome, her fucsia gown is divine! Just the one Marilyn wore in "How To Marry A Millionaire", with glitter on the straps. The extra costume is lovely, and the extra shoes, are awesome!!!

Barbie as Marilyn - Red Dress

Daring style and excitement from Barbie® doll as she recreates Marilyn Monroe's role of Lorelei Lee in the popular musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Barbie® is dazzling in her glittery red gown with its daring v-neck and high slit. Sparkling accessories include rhinestone bracelets, necklace and earrings with a glittery red hat topped with feather plumes. MarilynTM and Barbie® collectors alike will treasure this beautiful recreation with its authentic look and feel.

Barbie Forever Beautiful Bride

BEAUTIFUL BRIDE DOLL This glamorous bride is getting ready to walk down the aisle looking totally romantic. Beautiful long hair is braided at the crown and flows down in back with white flower hair accessories for the girl to wear and share. The fitted bodice rises above an exquisite full skirt with faux rhinestones. A choker of three strings of faux pearls, long white gloves and a full veil complete this gorgeous bridal ensemble.

Rapunzel's Wedding

My daughter spent much time during her 4th year playing "Here comes the bride," so I thought a bridal Barbie doll would be just the ticket for her 5th birthday. I was drawn to this Barbie, whose gown is more demure than the Forever Beautiful Bride Barbie.

Barbie Fantasy Bride AA

Wedding Day Ethnic Barbie Doll is dressed for her fantasy wedding day and comes with a ring for girls to wear, too! The ring lights up and shines pretty hearts. Barbie doll features a long, white strapless gown embellished with pink "rosebuds" and soft pink ribbon, beautiful veil, and cascading bouquet.

Barbie Sparkle Wedding Day Bride

Wedding Day Special Barbie Doll wears a white gown set off with glitter, ribbons and pearls, the girl can wear the fabulous diamond ring included just for her and play along with her fantasy wedding day.

The Bride Barbie

Barbie Bride doll is the perfect bride dressed in a long, white gown ready for her special day! This romantic look is complete with a beautiful veil, elegant bouquet and a light-up engagement ring! My grand daughter loves the doll. She would like it to stand on it's own, but oh well. I did see this item in several stores after I ordered it on line with Amazon at much lower prices.

Wedding Day Barbie Doll

Bride Barbie Doll Barbie doll is dressed for her fantasy wedding day, and comes with a light-up engagement ring gift for the little girl to wear too! The ring shines pretty hearts all around, and Bride Barbie doll features a long white strapless gown embellished with pink rosebuds and pretty pink ribbon, beautiful veil, and cascading bouquet.

Princess Liana Doll

I bought this for my daughter for her birthday, I didn't want the version that sang and would be too much for my 4 yr old. This is a nice basic barbie and looks very much like the character in the movie. My daughter loves it. She looks very pretty and much better in person.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Barbie Baby Doctor

I bought this set for my 2.5 year old and she loved it...mostly because of the barbie babies. One of the babies has "chicken pox" that show up when you get her face wet. The little medicine bottle has a small sponge on it that you are suppose to use to make the chikenpox appear. I like this set because Barbie is wearing a decent outfit for once and doesn't look like a streetwalker. I do need to warn abou the "accesories". Most of them are just cardboard peices that are taped onto the box that you have to remove to use them. I almost threw them away not realizing that they are suppose to be saved. The fabric (actually some kind of nylon) on the doctor table is very well secured and there is a knob that you turn to "change" the paper on the table. Overall, very cute and I reccomend it!

Barbie Taffy Dog

Play fetch, feed and groom fuzzy Taffy dog and help her take care of her litter of three adorable pups! Includes treats for each, a play ball, feeding dish and a baby bottle so Barbie can help feed them too. Doll measures 12" tall. Double the fun with Barbie doll and her best friends Taffy or Tanner dogs, in two playsets! Girls can choose fuzzy Taffy dog with three puppies, or Tanner dog with treats, toys and clean-up accessories. Each includes lots of pieces for playtime! Window box

Holiday Barbie Doll

The 2008 Holiday Barbie shimmers in a silvery creation designed to resemble a snowflake. Her chandelier earrings add the perfect elegant yet festive touch to the 20th anniversary Holiday Barbie. Barbie collectors and girls ages 6 and up alike will appreciate the beauty of this doll, with her thick lashes, painted red lips, extravagantly curled blonde hair, and a stand so she can be displayed and admired by all.
Barbie Shines for the Holiday Season
This is essentially the same, sturdy Barbie we all know and love, but she's beautifully decked out for the holidays. The only assembly required is putting her stand together. Though Barbie's gown looks delicate, with it's gauzy, snowflake-embroidered bodice and silver skirt, the material is tough and durable. Her long, dangly earrings, however, could see some damage during over-enthusiastic play with small hands. But they're removable, so you can take them out if you think your girl might lose or break them.

Living in a Winter Wonderland
The holiday Barbies are all about wintry elegance and style, and the 2008 doll is no exception. Barbie's sophisticated holiday hairdo cascades down her back in a mass of curls tied slightly to the side. The sheer bodice of her gown--the same one she wears in the "Barbie in a Christmas Carol" DVD-- is embroidered with shimmery snowflakes that match the silver of the tiered, pleated skirt.

A gauzy sash wraps around her waist and floats down the front of the gown. White slingback heels complete Holiday Barbie's breathtaking ensemble. For those who like to keep Barbie in her packaging, the 2008 design doesn't disappoint: a red foil background is decorated with ornaments and 3-D snowflakes suspended in midair.

Barbie® & The Diamond Castle Princess Liana Doll

Barbie as Emma is dressed in an enchanting glittery gown. Barbie doll sings songs from the movie. With a touch of a button her dress magically transforms.

Barbie takes on a whole new look with the adventurous "Princess Liana" -- the character she plays in the movie "Barbie and the Diamond Castle." This singing Barbie comes with a dress that "magically" transforms from "plain" to "fancy" and has the trademark long, blonde hair that little girls love to brush. With her jeweled purple tiara, this Barbie is sure to delight aspiring princesses age 3 and up--whether or not they've seen the movie.

Sparkly yet Sturdy
Your little girl can play with this Barbie right out of the box. Parents should help with the delicate operation of cutting Barbie's tiara free from the plastic that binds it to Barbie's head. Barbie's fancy dress, with a sparkling pink bodice and layers of shimmering orange gauze over pink "silk," will dazzle every girl. Your child will also love being able to remove Barbie's purple tiara with its orange jewel and the purple shoes that perfectly match her dress. A Princess from Head to Toe
We appreciated the whole princess-like package -- the tiara, the sparkly dress, the light-up pendant.

Barbie and Little Girls

Exclusive summary by Low Jeremy

A popular pop group some years back produced a hit entitled Barbie Girl. In the song, the pop group didn't paint a good picture of Barbie, portraying Barbie as a real person with low morals and a superficial personality.
This less than positive view of Barbie and Barbie dolls came to fore after special interest groups decided to tackle the seeming physical figure of Barbie that they claimed caused the little girls that idolized the image of Barbie to have a false self image.
A Barbie girl was portrayed to have the perfect face, figure, clothes and accessories. Barbie girl accessories did not only include items like shoes and bags but extended to items like fur, furniture and even a car and a Malibu House.
Perhaps they were right about the image of a Barbie girl having adverse effects on children. Whatever the case, the popularity and success of the Barbie girl image have surpassed any other toy ever invented. More than dolls, the Barbie girl image has branched out into other areas like actual fashion for girls.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barbie Fairytopia Enchantress

This is a very lovely Fairytopia Barbie. I bought it for my little sister and she is totally happy with it. But I think people should know that it looks different than the picture. Not bad, just different. Take a look at the customer photos below before purchasing. They are good likeness pictures. I probably still would have bought it for my sister, but I was surprised when it arrived and looked different. Our whole family loves fairies and this is a nice addition to our collection of fairy items. I recommend it.

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Glitter-Swirl Fairy Doll

Thought we were getting something really cool for my five year old and it turned out to be a waste of money. You press a little button to watch glitter go through the wings. I love this Barbie Fairytopia Doll i only saw her in the store and when i did i fell in love with her i cant wait to get her!

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Elina Doll

Elina is the beautiful Barbie Fairytopia Doll that transforms into a lovely mermaid in the new Fairytopia DVD movie. She takes a journey to Mermaidia to save their prince and ward of the evil Laverna.
I love this doll! The wings are enormous, and she's much prettier then the old Elina. The wings are made of fabric, and let me warn you not to leave her as a mermaid to long or when you make her a fairy again her wings will look a bit crumply. Also, when in mermaid stage, her body does not bend. Don't force her to bend or she could brake. She's still fun even if she doesn't bend when a mermaid. And I advise that if you don't have room to store about 1 foot of space for this doll not to get it. Now I know why they these barbie's turn into collectors items!! If I would have known this when my daughter was born I would have bought this Barbie back then and stored it.

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Nori Doll

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Nori Doll.

In the new Barbie Fairytopia? DVD movie, Elina? the beautiful fairy from Fairytopia?, takes a journey to Mermaidia? to save their prince and ward off the evil Laverna*. Along the way, she gets help from new friends including this blue mermaid, Nori?. With cold water the mermaid's secrets are revealed; she has a color change feature on her hair, torso and arms.
This mermaid doll is incredibly beautiful, are priced really cheaply and worth every single penny! They are very durable and with the wand they get their little mermaid tatoos and they get highlights! Has to be my favorite doll (along with Merissa) in the Fairytopia doll line-up!!
These would make perfect gifts, especially for your little mermaid! I like nori's blue hair. If you put her in the sun her hair will turn all blue and if you put her in the freezer or put something cold on her it will turn purple. I like the design of her mermaid tail. You should buy her.

Barbie Fairytopia Dahlia

Dahlia is surely the prettiest doll in my collection. I really love her. Her face is rather original, the expression is very calm and pleasant, neither happy nor sad. I really like Barbie Fairytopia Doll and this fairy is really neat. It looks like she has tights on and I can change her clothes since her wings aren't attached to her body. I love her.She, is the best.Her fashion was great, and her hairstyle is cool.Her painted legs really look unique!And, Her shoes are really fancy!!!

Barbie Fairytopia - New Glowing Fairy: Jewelia

Barbie Fairytopia - New Glowing Fairy: Jewelia

Jewelia was the first Barbie Fairytopia dolls to catch my eye, though yet the last one to be bought. I was won over by her transparent glowing body and found it quite original. This doll is really pretty! So pretty, that I confiscated it off of my kids! She has such pretty hair, it seems a shame to let children ruin it. Jewelia the Glowing Fairy could be told as my favorite fairy doll ever.

Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow: Lumina

Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow: Lumina

Lumina has the palest skin I've ever seen on a Barbie with shimmer (I suppose reminscent of the moon). Her blueness seems to be a hit with little girls. The hair is straight and less likely to get messy. My 4 year old calls these dolls "scary" but she's much more interested in playing and looking at them than the traditional Barbie (of which she has only one). I think these dolls are just gorgeous with their larger face and fuller features, soft glitter and of course permanently painted on bodysuit.
In the new Barbie Fairytopia Doll Magic of the Rainbow DVD movie, Elina goes to fairy school at the Crystal Palace and meets new friends from different lands. Elina doll's new friends, Lumina Glee and Sunburst, help her perform the Flight of Spring to bring the first rainbow and save Fairytopia from ten years of winter!

Barbie Fairytopia Azura Doll

Barbie Fairytopia Azura Doll.
I think this doll is very pretty and I love her outfit and blue hair. My daughter collects the Barbie Fairytopia dolls along with some of the international Barbie dolls. The detail on the Fairytopia dolls make them a lovely addition.
Azura is very beautiful-her coloring is not overpowering at all-very nice soft shades of blue. Her hair is styled as are all Barbies-but it should stay that way.

Barbie Fairytopia Dandelion

Barbie Fairytopia Dandelion.

I think it is the most pretty barbie fairytopia doll on the market.Very different. I really recommended. This doll is much more cute in real life. She is adorable,in my opinion among the cutest in the Fairytopia line. I love her orange hair and mischivious smile. This is the only Barbie I've bought in recent years for the doll itself, not the clothing. Dandelion is a beautiful doll; the picture doesn't do her justice! I was won over by her purple eyes and mischevious smile (not prissy or seductive-looking like most other Barbies). I love dolls with oddly-colored hair and Dandelion's is a lovely bright orange. Her hairstyle fits her so well that I don't ever intend on taking it down!