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Princess of Ancient Mexico Barbie

From about 1428 until 1521, a culture grew in a vast land from the Gulf of Mexico to central Mexico and as far south as Guatemala. In what is now Mexico City, lay the capital of the ancient Aztec people formerly known as Tenochtitlan. Here there is a huge temple, many canals and a royal palace. A beautiful young girl with long dark hair and deep brown eyes lives in the royal palace. Like all nobles, she wears clothes made of brightly colored cotton with decorations made of gold and feathers. The most prized feathers of all are the iridescent green ones from a bird called the quetzal. This beautiful and historic version of Barbie doll as the Princess of Ancient Mexico will make a proud addition to any collection. This is a gorgeous doll and great for a young and/or new collector.The faux turquoise jewelry is a wonderful detail.Her facial feautures are lovely.It also gives some interesting historical/cultural information on the back of the box.If you like barbies, especailly native american barbies she is a nice,not too expensive, addition to your collection.

In the western United States, a peaceful culture of Native American Indians thrives. Rooted in ancient traditions of respect for the land and nature a

When I first saw this doll I knew I had to have her. I love the fantastic details and beautiful colors of her facial features, skin, hair and clothing. From the Dolls of the World "Princess Collection", Princess of South Africa Barbie doll proudly wears a traditional Ndebele-inspired dress. Its black and white patterning is topped with a colorful ngurara (intricately decorated blanket) cape. In Ndebele culture, tight-fitting neck rings are considered the most attractive and essential accessories. She wears golden-colored leg and neck rings called izixolwana. A golden and red headpiece and hoop earrings give her regal beauty. Finally, she carries her own dancing mace to carry on her heritage. This collector edition doll makes a beautiful addition to any Barbie enthusiast's collection.

Princess of Navajo Barbie

In the western United States, a peaceful culture of Native American Indians thrives. Rooted in ancient traditions of respect for the land and nature as well as a powerful spiritual heritage, the tribal people known as the Navajo endure. Many Navajos continue to wear traditional clothing daily, especially for ceremonial or social gatherings.

Dressed as a princess of this proud Navajo Nation, Barbie is wearing traditional dress and authentic jewelry. Her woven shawl features ceremonial colors with symbolic and stylized patters. Her necklace is a strand of turquoise-colored beads with a "squash blossom" pendant. She also wears a "concho" belt, earrings and sunburst broach. Her long printed skirt and dark open-necked shirt are consistent with everyday wear for most Navajo women still today.

Princess of Cambodia Barbie

Princess of Cambodia Barbie Doll wears a traditional "sampot," which is a calf-length wraparound skirt like a sarong. The wrap, which features a golden geometric floral print, comes together in a vertical layer of pleats in front. A golden braided belt secures the wrap at her waist and features a golden buckle. She accents her outfits with many golden elements including dangling earrings, an elaborate crown, an intricate armband, a braided golden sash and golden shoes. The packaging features educational information about Cambodia. I am SarahAnnBradburn and I love this doll!One day me and my mom went to SuperWallmart.When I saw this I had To have her!She is so filled with history!

The World Chinese New Year Barbie Doll

On the first day of the First Moon of the lunar calendar, the most important celebration in China begins. Homes are decorated with paper banners adorned with happy wishes, pretty flowers and platters of oranges and tangerine. At midnight on Chinese New Year's Eve, fireworks fire and the festival begins.

One of the most wondrous spectacles of the festival is the dragon dance. Many people carry long silk dragons, dancing in procession as musicians play gongs and drums. A happy celebrant is dressed in a silky red gown decorated with yellow flowers and a phoenix, a symbol of happiness and joy. Flowers and butterflies, symbols of long life and beauty, are in her upswept hair. She is very happy to receive the gift of a red Lai-See Envelope.

Cinco De Mayo Barbie Doll

Cinco De Mayo (the 5th of May) commemorates a victory in 1862 of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla. In modern times, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday that celebrates all of Mexican culture with lots of food, music and dance.

Cinco De Mayo Barbie doll wears a beautiful folkloric dress with ruffles and ribbons inspired by the colors of the Mexican flag. A traditional hairstyle with braids and festive embellishments add the final touch.

Princess of the Portuguese Empire Barbie

This doll is absolutelly beautifull, the dress is amazing. My 4 year old daughter loves it. She likes to play with it and other barbies she has, this doll is absolutely stunning. her dark hair is actually curly and her renaissance style dress is very detailed!

Princess of Ireland

Princess of Ireland is a special Barbie that has been crafted with style and loving attention to detail. She has green eyes, auburn hair, and fair skin. She wears a gorgeous cloak and dress ensemble in shades of deep green. The textured fabric has intricate Celtic designs add allure. Though this Barbie has obviously been designed with collectors in mind, there's no reason she can't be added to any Barbie fan's repertoire. The doll comes with a stand and a certificate of authenticity.

Princess of the Vikings

I bought this barbie for a very good friend who lives in Norway. Since she is of Viking blood - and quite proud of it, I am delighted to say she should be very pleased with this doll. The price - as all the Princess of the World - is marvellous. I have several already and am amazed at the quality and workman ship on the customs for these dolls. At this price how can you resist them? Collectors will love them, yet they are so reasonable your daughter will appreciate a doll that can carry her imagination away. Matel should be applauded for all these in this series. When I saw this doll on the shelf, I immediatley grabbed two of them. The most remarkable thing about her is that her hair is set in a perfect part, and the braids are proportional to her other features. I have never been able to successfully give pigtail braids to a barbie doll, let alone part her hair without the plugs showing. Because of her unique hair, I am going to use her as a model for my homemade german-inspired dresses. (I also want to make a viking costume based on the doll's outfit to match my own long braids!) As far as technical issues go, it might be noted that her clothes are sewn on, and her helmet is tagged to her head in the back. Her shoes are very loose on her feet. She cannot be posed in a sitting position while wearing the breatplate. She was meant to be a display doll in standing position. I would not give this doll to children- it was obvious to me that she was made for the interested teen or collector. In conclusion, I am very glad I bought two of her because now I can undress one of them. Heck, if I had the money I would buy three- one to keep in the box, one to "play with" and one to put on display!

Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie

Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie Doll wears a rippled, copper-colored dress called a "chiton" that flares at the bottom. A square sheer wrap decorated with a golden Grecian pattern is pinned at her right shoulder with one of two golden pins that are shaped like a lion's head. She wears a golden serpent arm cuff and completes her outfit with a golden laurel crown atop her curly dark brown hair, worn up in a classic Grecian chignon. This is one of the best dolls in this excellent series. With her upswept hair, vampish eye makeup and draped gown she is one of the most glamorous Barbies to come out recently...This doll is very good in education taking children to a world other than theirs. Its a good way for children to learn about countries in different eras. This doll deserves5 stars

Barbie - Princess of the French Court

Princess of the French Court Barbie® doll is inspired by the grandeur of the Age of Chivalry, a time of romance and valor. She wears a regal gown of deep, rich purple, the color of royalty. The split skirt is designed with an inset of purple and golden jacquard. Lavishly embellished with golden trim and a gleaming golden medallion, the dress is complemented by a golden ring and earrings. The final crowning touch is her golden tiara incorporating a fleur-de-lis (lily) design, the symbol of the royal family of France that proudly decorated their coat of arms.

Dolls of the World Moroccan Barbie

The majesty of women of the African continent--the rich colors and patterns they wear, their queenly gaits, the modest yet confident stare--often leaves one spellbound. Moroccan Barbie displays some of those attributes, and what a dreamy, exotic doll she is! She comes in a vivid, scarlet and fuchsia robe with a Moorish motif. Several sheer fabrics float from her waist and head, setting off her dark, sienna-toned skin. A pink veil illustrates the Islamic influences in her native Morocco, as does the gold jewelry on hands, ears, and neck. A forehead charm adorns a chain around her exposed forehead. She is quite the Muslim princess in this garb, which comes with an appeal that will attract both children and collectors.

Barbie Collector Diwali Barbie Doll Festivals Of The World

The most important and magical festival celebrated in India is Diwali. Homes are decorated with marigolds and mango leaves, thousands of oil diyas or lamps are lit as auspicious symbols of good luck, and everyone enjoys sweets to the sound of firecrackers and revelers. Diwali Barbie Doll wears a teal sari with golden detailing, a lovely pink duppata, and exotic jewelry. The final detail is a Bindi - a forehead decoration worn in South and Southeast Asia. Diwali Barbie Doll cannot stand alone. I really wanted to get the DOTW Princess of India, but was unable to find her so when I saw Diwali Barbie I knew I had to get her.
I love the dolls of the World Collection, I also like watching Indian Movies (Bollywood), personally she looks like those typical Indian Actresses on Indian movies, another reason why I bought her, this doll definitely looks like Bollywood Actress Ashwarya Rai, Anyways back to the review, she has beautiful light greyish side glancing eyes , she has very cute jewellery on her and her sari is just so cute, the designer of this doll really did a good job on her. My only con is that she doesn't look like the doll on the picture on the card, she is beautiful anyway, she comes complete with stand, collector card and Certificate of Authenticity.

Barbie - Princess of India

Princess of India Barbie® doll is awe-inspiring in her sari, the best-known type of Indian clothing. Made of soft shimmering materials, this extraordinary pink sari features golden accents and is draped around her body and over her head in an intricate style. Like some princesses, she wears a golden headpiece called a tikka, a forehead ornament. The tikka hangs above her bindi, the dot on her forehead. A golden choker and earrings complete this wonderful costume.

Mattel Princess of Imperial Russia Barbie Doll

The vast and mysterious land of Imperial Russia was ruled by the czar and czarina and their daughter, the princess, was known as the Grand Duchess. The ruling family of mother Russia lived in many magnificent palaces and enjoyed untold riches. This glorious historical period is beautifully recreated in the Princess of Imperial Russia Barbie® doll wearing a traditional Russian gown of the period and her grandmothers crown.

Mattel Princess of the Korean Court Barbie Doll

Inspired by Korea’s historically traditional costume, the Princess of the Korean Court wears a hanbok in the beautiful colors of spring. It is customary to celebrate Sol Nal, New Year’s Day, on the first day of spring, which is also the first day of the first month of the new lunar year. It is a happy day of joyous celebration and honors the heritage of the princess and her family. This made a very nice addition to my Dolls of the World collection. One of my most favorite. This doll is very beautiful and I love her long braided hair.

Young-Hee Speaks Korean Doll

Young-Hee speaks Korean and English! Press Young-Hee's right hand to hear a series of greetings. Press her left hand to hear the days of the week and her favorite activities like riding bikes, swimming, painting pictures and more! Press her knee to hear, "I love you!" Young-Hee includes a translation booklet for learning & reading along as she speaks.

Bald Baby with Blue Eyes

This doll has a very soft cuddly outfit, weighs enough for a child to feel like they're actually holding something, and has a very delicate scent which is hardly noticeable,...My 5 year old loves this baby doll. I love it, because it isn't as loud as some others that I have bought. It really cries and stops crying when she feeds her the bottle. I love this doll, and so does my four year old. Her little lips are a shiny pink color, she does giggle, babble, and make eating sounds.

Corolle Hairstyling and Makeup Head

My daughter asked for a make-up doll for Christmas. It was hard to actually find very many different kinds. this one was just what I was looking for. My four year old can brush her hair, she needs help putting the pony tail holders in, but she puts the makeup on by herself and can wipe it clean pretty easily. I bought her extra makeup since the make up it comes with doesnt show up very well and there wasn't a lot of it. It does come with a brush and two pony tail holders. We also got our daughter a few more hair accessories to make it more interesting. It is a little pricey but we signed up for an amazon credit card and got it for free. So that wasn't really a consideration for us. My daughter is four and this is one of her favorite toys. and it keeps her busy for a long time.

Barbie Collector Pink Ribbon Barbie Doll

This is as lovely a Barbie doll as any I've seen. The fact that some of the proceeds go to support breast cancer research is a bonus and a very lovely one at that, helping to protect the health of future women-to-be. If you or your daughter love pink, this is the Barbie for you!
Many people do not know that Barbie Creator Ruth Handler was a breast cancer survivor. She also invented one of the first comfortable breast prostheses! For years, many in the Collector Community have been asking for this doll. It took way too long to get her, but it was well worth the wait. She actually has a real hair-do instead of masses of fly away tresses. the gown is tasteful . Mattel took pains to make her appealing to adults instead of teensy kids.


It's a fact - yawns are catching. But you won't mind catching a yawn or two from this adorable collectible lifelike baby doll! Created by European artist Tinneke Janssens and available only from Ashton-Drake, little "Taylor" is sure to be the most amazingly realistic newborn baby doll you've ever seen!

"Irresistible" is the only way to describe this collectible vinyl baby doll's soft RealTouch™ skin, hand-applied hair, delicate eyelashes, and tiny fingernails and toenails. He's dressed in a tiny diaper, blue cap and bootie socks; there's even a hospital I.D. band on his little ankle. But this realistic baby doll has one more surprise for you: he's anatomically correct! So you see, "Taylor" really is So Truly Real™! Welcome him home today for a nice nap.

Ashley gentle breathing

She's a sweet little miracle you must see to believe! This lifelike baby doll is the very FIRST So Truly Real? collectible vinyl doll that "breathes"! Just wait until you cradle her in your arms! Created by master doll artist Andrea Arcello, tiny Baby "Ashley's" gentle breathing - so peaceful to watch, so wondrous to feel - tells you that she's truly content to be loved by you!

Ashley is handcrafted of Ashton-Drake's soft RealTouch? vinyl skin, with hand-applied hair and hand-painted fingernails and toenails. Her delicate newborn features are so realistic - be prepared for lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" wherever you show her off! Her body is loosely jointed, too, so she feels just like a real newborn infant in your arms. Truly, her every breath is a special little blessing! Strong demand is expected for this first-of-her kind lifelike baby doll.

Barbie Forever Barbie Totally Real House

The Barbie Totally Real House is the perfect place for any stylish girl to call home! With realistic details, the house features three separate rooms, including a kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom that transforms into a living room. It comes with three working sounds - a doorbell, toilet flush and shower - as well as a mechanical washer and dryer with real spinning action.
I was very pleased with this purchase. It took me a little over an hour to assemble it. Be sure to keep the box with the colorful photo illustrations handy along with the enclosed black and white instruction sheet while putting together this toy. You'll find that helps a lot to put this whole thing together. I popped in the batteries, and the sound effects work just fine. I use this toy along with my Barbie as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and my Ken as Prince Phillip dolls in my illustrated stories. It's loads of fun.

Barbie Bed & Doll Bedroom

Wonderful bedroom set. I love it. It has a cute blanket and pillow and the mattress is plastic. The blue lamp (if that's what you want to call it) is removable. It also comes with two soda cans and a blue and green glass. The doll has a medium size head (considering dolls these days) and her make-up is light (meaning her face is not caked with it). The bed is about 13" long, 4" wide, and 2" thick and very light. I don't know how a bed can be educational so I gave it four stars. It's durablity is good but the lamp pulls ever so slighty on the canopy (the four stars), but virtually unnoticable. I am 13 and love it. My friend and I play High School Musical, and this is Gabriella's bed

Barbie Forever Décor Family Room

I simply adore this Barbie furniture set! When I was growing up, all the Barbie furniture was always shockingly pink, and it got real old, real fast. Now I'm an adult, and I'm happily building a Barbie house for my niece and I to play with. When I saw that the newer Barbie furniture sets were not only free from mandatory pink-ness, but that the furniture was actually very well designed and modern... let's just say I was thrilled, and feeling like I was a bit gypped as a child of the 80's.
Anyway, sore chronological feelings aside, this set really is lots of fun. The red couch is to die for, and the two round throw pillows are way too cute. And yes, the chair is pink, but it matches a color in the throw pillows, and therefore is okay. And besides, the chair is very well done and looks like several designer chairs I've seen in Italy. Kudos to the Mattel design department on that one!
The only thing I would add is that the room divider that you see in the picture - that uber-mod yellow and pink wavy thing - it's not actually plastic like I first thought. It's made out of cardboard. I still like it, it's still playable, and thankfully it wasn't attached to the packaging so nothing got ripped while trying to remove it from the box. But purely for the sake of information, I thought I'd add that. I was rather looking forward to a sturdy mod room divider, but alas, it's only cardboard. Still usable, just not as durable.
Cardboard room dividers aside, I still love this set. The little accessories are cute, the dog is actually a reasonable size in relation to the dolls, and you gotta love a flat widescreen TV with removable stand (you know, just in case your Barbie wants to do something wild, like mount it to the ceiling of her dreamhouse.) I love the new designs, I love that they give you multiple design choices, and hey, you can't beat the price. Buy it, enjoy it, and I guarantee you'll be envious of your daughter/niece - if only we had such cute Barbie furniture when we were girls...

Barbie Kitchen & Doll Kitchen

Girls love playing house with Barbie doll. The new furniture and doll gift sets come with loads of accessories and offer a complete play experience. Each set comes with a fabulous Barbie doll and a stylish room environment with furniture and accessories for either the kitchen or bedroom. All furniture sets are modular for great mix and match play.

Mattel Barbie 3-Story Dream House Playset

This big beautiful 3-story home is every girls dream and Barbie® dolls, too! The grand entrance with its dramatic winding staircase opens up to lots of rooms. Perfect for entertaining friends or just relaxing. Realistic sounds like a stove that sizzles, doorbell, even a flushing toilet and two songs on the house intercom! Gourmet-style kitchen with plenty of storage comes with all the popular conveniences. Lots of decorative touches and realistic details with over 60 play pieces. The entire 3-story Dream House® is over 3 feet tall and fully furnished! The third story has Murphy bed and is removable for on-the-go complete house play.

Barbie Titanic Rose

Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the epic film Titanic with Rose DeWitt Bukater Barbie Collector. Rose of Titanic Barbie Doll In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the epic film Titanic, Collector Dolls present Barbie as the beautiful Rose DeWitt Bukater, dressed in the famous and elegant satin gown accented with tulle and beading.

Barbie 80's Cher Bob Mackie Doll

Dressed in an iconic, original Cher ensemble from the 1989 music video "Turn Back Time"
Barbie Doll as 1980s Cher Designed by Bob Mackie, Barbie doll sets the stage on fire in an iconic, original Cher ensemble from the 1989 music video "Turn Back Time". Featuring beautiful detailing, including authentic face sculpting and Cher's true-to-life cascading curly back hair.

Mattel High School Musical Gabriella & Troy

Celebrate the fun and music of Disney's High School Musical with the ever-popular Troy and Gabriella. Each figure in the two-pack is fashionably dressed in an outfit from the movie, and plays a song clip from the movie

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Barbie Collector: Martina McBride Doll

Award-winning country music star Martina McBride is widely acknowledged as one of the premier female vocalist in country music today. This beautiful celebrity doll, carefully sculpted in the likeness of Martina, features a re-creation of the glamorous gow

Barbie Collector I Love Lucy

Everybody loves Lucy! In episode #116, Lucy Gets In Pictures originally aired on February 21, 1955 with the Ricardos and the Mertzes in Hollywood where Ricky, Fred, and Ethel all have parts in movies. Lucy tries everything to get a part, too but fails

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Leann Rimes barbie

Leann Rimes barbie

barbie westlife

barbie westlife

Barbie Jinnie

Barbie Jinnie

Givenchy Barbie

Givenchy Barbie

Barbie Filipino

Barbie Filipino

Barbie Collector Dolls of The World India Doll
Barbie Collector Dolls Of The World India Doll: In 2012, the Dolls of the World line is all about inspiring girls to travel the world through Barbie. Barbie doll is loved around the world, and this collection returns the love with Barbie dressed in aspirational versions of ancestral dress from various countries. India Barbie wears a mustard-yellow sari with a matching hajib-like veil. Golden shoes, “gold” bangles and touches of red complete her traditional look, while a monkey friend highlights the country's natural wildlife. The Barbie Dolls of the World also come with accessories to add play value that include a passport and sticker sheet to help record Barbie doll's travels.
Features include:
  • The Dolls of the World Collection has returned in ancestral dress from various countries
  • Barbie from India is dressed in a beautiful yellow sari and veil
  • Accented with golden shoes and bangles and accompanied by her monkey friend

barbie spice girls

barbie spice girls


Wow this doll is soo pretty. It's a must for all Beyonce fans!
The dolls are all dressed very nicely, however.