Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Barbie Collector Golden Angel Barbie Doll

esigner Katiana Jimenez creates Golden Angel Barbie doll, a heavenly vision in a grown of green chiffon, peach charmeuse, and white on white novelty silk chiffon. Attached golden metallic chiffon wings are dramatic and lovely. Blue and pink taffeta ribbons, fluffy white feathers and a fantasy bouquet complete the wondrous ensemble.
he other reviewer is correct in her assessment. This is an attractive doll. Her hair is great. She's very angely if I may make up an adjective. She is beautifully packaged I collect Barbies so I have not taken her from the packaging, but I have peaked at her feet. I wanted to see what they put on her feet. I was hoping she'd have on slippers or sandals. The doll is actually barefoot, which is fine, but she does not have any toes (no lines to mark toes) from what I can see. This is my first collectible without shoes, so I don't know if that's common or not. I've given her a 4 because of the lack of shoes and in my collection she falls in the middle. She's great for a pink label though.