Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barbie Collector - Cher Ringmaster Bob Mackie

Platinum Label 2007 Mattel

Masterfully detailed and designed by Bob Mackie, this Barbie Collector Platinum Label Cher Reunion doll from Mattel is unbelievably beautiful in this original, iconic Cher ensemble from her 1990s "Believe" album. This masterfully detailed Collector doll features true to life authentic face sculpting and sleek platinum blonde hair. This item is a Toys R Us Exclusive

True, Cher Ringmaster is probably worth the price and more. I have the three Cher dolls (plus the Sonny doll and the "growing hair" Cher doll, just to name a few), and would of loved to add this one to my collection, but the price stopped me cold. Too bad they couldn't of made it a little more affordable for all her fans.