Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barbie Fairytopia Dandelion

Barbie Fairytopia Dandelion.

I think it is the most pretty barbie fairytopia doll on the market.Very different. I really recommended. This doll is much more cute in real life. She is adorable,in my opinion among the cutest in the Fairytopia line. I love her orange hair and mischivious smile. This is the only Barbie I've bought in recent years for the doll itself, not the clothing. Dandelion is a beautiful doll; the picture doesn't do her justice! I was won over by her purple eyes and mischevious smile (not prissy or seductive-looking like most other Barbies). I love dolls with oddly-colored hair and Dandelion's is a lovely bright orange. Her hairstyle fits her so well that I don't ever intend on taking it down!