Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Elina Doll

Elina is the beautiful Barbie Fairytopia Doll that transforms into a lovely mermaid in the new Fairytopia DVD movie. She takes a journey to Mermaidia to save their prince and ward of the evil Laverna.
I love this doll! The wings are enormous, and she's much prettier then the old Elina. The wings are made of fabric, and let me warn you not to leave her as a mermaid to long or when you make her a fairy again her wings will look a bit crumply. Also, when in mermaid stage, her body does not bend. Don't force her to bend or she could brake. She's still fun even if she doesn't bend when a mermaid. And I advise that if you don't have room to store about 1 foot of space for this doll not to get it. Now I know why they these barbie's turn into collectors items!! If I would have known this when my daughter was born I would have bought this Barbie back then and stored it.