Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Barbie and Little Girls

Exclusive summary by Low Jeremy

A popular pop group some years back produced a hit entitled Barbie Girl. In the song, the pop group didn't paint a good picture of Barbie, portraying Barbie as a real person with low morals and a superficial personality.
This less than positive view of Barbie and Barbie dolls came to fore after special interest groups decided to tackle the seeming physical figure of Barbie that they claimed caused the little girls that idolized the image of Barbie to have a false self image.
A Barbie girl was portrayed to have the perfect face, figure, clothes and accessories. Barbie girl accessories did not only include items like shoes and bags but extended to items like fur, furniture and even a car and a Malibu House.
Perhaps they were right about the image of a Barbie girl having adverse effects on children. Whatever the case, the popularity and success of the Barbie girl image have surpassed any other toy ever invented. More than dolls, the Barbie girl image has branched out into other areas like actual fashion for girls.