Monday, August 20, 2007

Princess of Ancient Mexico Barbie

From about 1428 until 1521, a culture grew in a vast land from the Gulf of Mexico to central Mexico and as far south as Guatemala. In what is now Mexico City, lay the capital of the ancient Aztec people formerly known as Tenochtitlan. Here there is a huge temple, many canals and a royal palace. A beautiful young girl with long dark hair and deep brown eyes lives in the royal palace. Like all nobles, she wears clothes made of brightly colored cotton with decorations made of gold and feathers. The most prized feathers of all are the iridescent green ones from a bird called the quetzal. This beautiful and historic version of Barbie doll as the Princess of Ancient Mexico will make a proud addition to any collection. This is a gorgeous doll and great for a young and/or new collector.The faux turquoise jewelry is a wonderful detail.Her facial feautures are lovely.It also gives some interesting historical/cultural information on the back of the box.If you like barbies, especailly native american barbies she is a nice,not too expensive, addition to your collection.