Monday, August 20, 2007

Barbie Forever Décor Family Room

I simply adore this Barbie furniture set! When I was growing up, all the Barbie furniture was always shockingly pink, and it got real old, real fast. Now I'm an adult, and I'm happily building a Barbie house for my niece and I to play with. When I saw that the newer Barbie furniture sets were not only free from mandatory pink-ness, but that the furniture was actually very well designed and modern... let's just say I was thrilled, and feeling like I was a bit gypped as a child of the 80's.
Anyway, sore chronological feelings aside, this set really is lots of fun. The red couch is to die for, and the two round throw pillows are way too cute. And yes, the chair is pink, but it matches a color in the throw pillows, and therefore is okay. And besides, the chair is very well done and looks like several designer chairs I've seen in Italy. Kudos to the Mattel design department on that one!
The only thing I would add is that the room divider that you see in the picture - that uber-mod yellow and pink wavy thing - it's not actually plastic like I first thought. It's made out of cardboard. I still like it, it's still playable, and thankfully it wasn't attached to the packaging so nothing got ripped while trying to remove it from the box. But purely for the sake of information, I thought I'd add that. I was rather looking forward to a sturdy mod room divider, but alas, it's only cardboard. Still usable, just not as durable.
Cardboard room dividers aside, I still love this set. The little accessories are cute, the dog is actually a reasonable size in relation to the dolls, and you gotta love a flat widescreen TV with removable stand (you know, just in case your Barbie wants to do something wild, like mount it to the ceiling of her dreamhouse.) I love the new designs, I love that they give you multiple design choices, and hey, you can't beat the price. Buy it, enjoy it, and I guarantee you'll be envious of your daughter/niece - if only we had such cute Barbie furniture when we were girls...