Monday, August 20, 2007

Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie

Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie Doll wears a rippled, copper-colored dress called a "chiton" that flares at the bottom. A square sheer wrap decorated with a golden Grecian pattern is pinned at her right shoulder with one of two golden pins that are shaped like a lion's head. She wears a golden serpent arm cuff and completes her outfit with a golden laurel crown atop her curly dark brown hair, worn up in a classic Grecian chignon. This is one of the best dolls in this excellent series. With her upswept hair, vampish eye makeup and draped gown she is one of the most glamorous Barbies to come out recently...This doll is very good in education taking children to a world other than theirs. Its a good way for children to learn about countries in different eras. This doll deserves5 stars