Monday, August 20, 2007

Princess of the Vikings

I bought this barbie for a very good friend who lives in Norway. Since she is of Viking blood - and quite proud of it, I am delighted to say she should be very pleased with this doll. The price - as all the Princess of the World - is marvellous. I have several already and am amazed at the quality and workman ship on the customs for these dolls. At this price how can you resist them? Collectors will love them, yet they are so reasonable your daughter will appreciate a doll that can carry her imagination away. Matel should be applauded for all these in this series. When I saw this doll on the shelf, I immediatley grabbed two of them. The most remarkable thing about her is that her hair is set in a perfect part, and the braids are proportional to her other features. I have never been able to successfully give pigtail braids to a barbie doll, let alone part her hair without the plugs showing. Because of her unique hair, I am going to use her as a model for my homemade german-inspired dresses. (I also want to make a viking costume based on the doll's outfit to match my own long braids!) As far as technical issues go, it might be noted that her clothes are sewn on, and her helmet is tagged to her head in the back. Her shoes are very loose on her feet. She cannot be posed in a sitting position while wearing the breatplate. She was meant to be a display doll in standing position. I would not give this doll to children- it was obvious to me that she was made for the interested teen or collector. In conclusion, I am very glad I bought two of her because now I can undress one of them. Heck, if I had the money I would buy three- one to keep in the box, one to "play with" and one to put on display!